EMDR helps us connect to healing thoughts and images.

This was brought to life for me by the experience of a client, whose images of nature created a beautiful illustration of how EMDR facilitates the healing of pain while allowing growth to flourish around and beyond the pain.

My client spoke about trees on their property, and how they had overcome seemingly impenetrable obstacles. One tree continues to grow around a wire fence running through its trunk – not allowing the fence to impede its natural growth. 

Another has grown around chains and a geared sprocket that were placed in a crook of the tree.

During EMDR processing, the client’s distressing memories were represented by these obstructions (fence and chains). The tree was able to grow around the obstructions and almost completely encase the items.  The tree overcame and moved beyond the blocks that were placed in its way. The tree(s) continue to flourish.

Like the tree, the client saw that they could grow around the painful or upsetting event.  They realized they could carry on and move forward in life despite the intrusion.

This is but one example of how EMDR facilitates the healing of distressing and painful memories and incidents. EMDR helps our clients process their distressing events and traumas. These events and memories become neutral and benign.

If you are having difficulty overcoming a trauma or distressing memory, EMDR may be the therapy that will facilitate your healing, and allow you to continue to grow and flourish.