Spring is here and this is a time of renewal and rebirth for nature. What about for us? Some people believe that we must keep traditions and age-old rituals around. And, of course, some of these beliefs hold merit, and are comforting and nurturing for many. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tradition

However, if life is not all that you want it to be, then what better time than NOW to embrace change and “stretch yourself” during the change of seasons and the springing forth of new life. Sooner or later, we all wish something would change in our lives. Often we want others to alter their behaviour but this is not usually the case, and we cannot make the people around us change. We cannot control what they say or do (a tough lesson to learn).  So, where does that leave us? With ourselves and changing something about ourselves, such as our actions, beliefs or attitudes.

If you are depressed, chances are you are disappointed and discouraged about life. Or you may feel frozen with fear or nervous about altering things in your life.  “Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t” is a saying some folks swear by.  If you are contemplating a change, it is helpful to list your options and under each option or choice, list all of the pros and cons you can think of for each option. Then look at them. See how they weigh out.  Are they even or does one option or choice stand out. What feels strongest or right to you — to choose a change or to stay where you are?

If you decide you are tired of sticking with the same thing and you are ready to go for it, then where and how do you start? Look inwards. Think about “WHY”?  Why are you on this planet? Who and what are you here for? What are your reasons for keeping on going?  What gets you up in the morning? So once you have your reasons for continuing, what do you do next?

You have got to believe that it is possible in order to get yourself to the next level.  Get your passion going!  Talk & dream and then begin to take action. Dream some “wild” goals, then think about “realistic” goals. Without goals, we meander about living someone else’s dreams, fulfilling someone else’s goals and doing someone else’s tasks. No one else in the whole world (not even your mother) can do this for you. Take responsibility for yourself and your life by setting some goals.

Next, break down your goals into long-term, intermediate, and immediate goals. Prioritize your goals by asking yourself what is most important? Identify the steps that need to be taken to realize your goals and then break down each step into daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks to be accomplished.  Now you have your list of tasks to accomplish that will help you reach your goals. It may only take days, or it may take a few months, and some goals may be part of the “Five Year Plan” but now you have a plan for your life!

The choice is yours. You may need to get assertive with yourself.  Become your own best coach. What are you willing to do to get better? Define your goals, anticipate obstacles, create a “Vision Board”, make a plan and take action. Learn to control your discouragement. Learn to ride through the roller-coaster of emotions that “hit” us daily, hourly and minute-by-minute, especially when things don’t go as we wish them to.

You can worry that it will take too long or you will be too old when it happens, but the reality is, that you will get old anyway.  Time will pass and you will have either done something with your time or let it pass. We need reasons to continue and a passion for life to succeed and then the belief that we can make change happen.

Get support from friends, loved ones, and therapists if need be, but stay true and loyal to your goals, and like the Nike ad: “JUST DO IT”!