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How does one get inspired and get motivated?  Different things work for different people, and there are any number of ways:

  • Take a course on something that you have always wanted to learn,
  • Go to seminars and workshops to hear inspirational and motivational speakers,
  • Read books, magazines, newsletters, whatever “turns you on”
  • Watch inspiring YouTube videos
  • Pay attention to people you admire and use them as your mentors.

How about trying constructive “daydreaming”?

Many mentors and coaches suggest “vision boards”.   Or a tool that can be useful is “dreaming” on paper.  Buy yourself a little journal book and begin to daydream your “perfect lifestyle”!  For example, to get your daydreaming going you may start with:  “I am so happy and grateful that I have my dream home.”  Then go on to describe your dream home in detail.  Be as specific as possible.  Cutting out pictures from magazines helps to make these dreams into concrete ideas that can become goals and eventually, realities.

“Daydreaming” your perfect life is the start to thinking about what you want out of life.

Daydreaming.  Praying.  Meditating.  All useful tools to get you thinking in a free-flowing kind of way.  These can be the beginning stages for the setting of goals or “intentions”.  Wishing, and hoping, and goal-setting and then turning them into steps and then tasks and then realities.

A client of mine put it very well, when she reported that she put her goals into place by figuring out the steps she needed to take in order to realize these objectives.  Then these steps gotten broken down into tasks that needed to be accomplished.  She did her very best with these tasks, and then decided she had done what was within her control.  So she “let things go”, offered up her intentions and her gratefulness to the universe for all she had.

And guess what happened?  “Voila!”  The goals were realized, accomplished, done!  We might say, she was lucky or had good karma, but I would say that between her planning and doing and her faith and good humor, good sense and resourcefulness (to name a few good characteristics), her intentions were realized.

When we have problems, feel stuck, or are in crisis, we actually are in the right state of mind to learn new things. Counselling and psychotherapy helps people to get motivated, acquire new tools and techniques to deal with life, so if you are really feeling down and stuck with the February blues, counseling might be a good way to get a jump start on spring!