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Francine Shapiro, the woman who developed EMDR treatment addressed reader questions in today’s issue (March 5, 2012) of The New York Times.  She spoke about the current state of research on EMDR therapy which has been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, and other distressing memories and traumas. Questions about EMDR research and the effectiveness of EMDR were fielded.  As well, Ms. Shapiro offered links for those interested in reading more about the research behind EMDR.

She reports that: “Another randomized study found E.M.D.R. superior to eclectic therapy, which uses a variety of psychological approaches (Edmonds, Rubin and Wambach, 1999).”

Ms. Shapiro compared EMDR to other treatment modalities and discussed the patient/therapist relationship.  Although still controversial, the comments show that all the clients who have experienced EMDR treatments have found relief from their symptoms and quickly.

I have had similar results with my clients who are more than happy to report that they are finding themselves less emotionally reactive, more engaged in a positive way with their families, and far happier and content. Also, they are able to make amazing connections with their feelings, their thoughts and their behaviours where previously they were unsure of why they acted in a certain way. Their biggest joy is that EMDR treatment allows them to “let go” of the past, distressing memories and incidents including verbal, physical and emotional abuse, bullying, conflict between parents, accidents and losses. Many of these clients have found this type of relief with traditional therapies and/or with prescription medications.

Further posts will be added and Ms. Shapiro will be addressing more comments and questions in this same column. Please click on the link below to see the full article: