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I continue to post about EMDR because it is so exciting to hear the positive results that my clients are experiencing from these treatments.

One of the most recent comments have included:  “I had the most wonderful visit with my Dad and I know that it is due in great part to our work together.”

Prior to engaging in EMDR treatments, this woman’s visits with her Father were always dreaded and usually mainly unpleasant. This was mainly due to the fact that they ended up in conflict with much arguing and yelling on both their parts. Her childhood memories of hurt and abuse clouded every interaction with her Father and triggered emotional reactions beyond her control. Her memories of her deceased Mother were just as horrific. Her relationship with her Mother was dominated by neglect and a lack of attachment and closeness in their relationship. She noted that both her parents were alcoholics.

How did this affect her prior to EMDR treatments? Some of the symptoms she reported indicated depression, and she wanted to find out “who she was”.  She described herself as having an addictive personality and an eating disorder. She was disinterested in male relationships which had always been turbulent and difficult. She was unhappy.

What happened? By processing past traumatic and distressing incidents, she has essentially “neutralized” the effect of them on her brain and body.  What this does in turn, is to change how she relates to her current environment including her Father.  Even her daughter has noticed the difference in this client’s affect and attitude!

These types of outcomes occur regularly with EMDR treatments, and that is why it is now my “treatment of choice” with the appropriate clients.

To read more about EMDR, how it was developed and what this treatment involves, see: http://www.emdria.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=2