Why EAP is Good Business

Progressive companies understand that investing in an Employee Assistance Program makes good sense. Consider these facts:

  • 25 per cent of any Employee Group at any given time will be experiencing personal problems that negatively impact their work performance.
  • Accident Rates are 3.5 times higher for employees experiencing personal problems.
  • Medical Leaves of absence are double that of employees whose personal problems are effectively managed.
  • Disability claims and payments are more excessive for employees having personal performance difficulties.
  • Absenteeism rates of troubled employees are 100 per cent higher.
  • Paid Sick Days, tardiness, and turnover are exaggerated.
  • Discipline Problems, grievances, and discharges are 65 per cent higher when problems are not identified and treated.

The key objective of our EAPs is to help employees and their families identify and resolve problems that can have a severe impact on their daily emotional and psychological functioning.

Our EAPs are designed to:

  • Help individuals develop healthy coping mechanisms and positive supports to address their personal issues and work-life concerns.
  • Help businesses look after their employees’ best interests, with the goals of reduced employee absenteeism, improved workplace performance and a rise in overall morale.

The bottom line – your business enjoys even greater success with a more engaged and loyal workforce.